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I love designing posters, and here's a new idea

I'm not sure why posters are so appealing to me - it's not like I collect them or anything. It's probably because I'm a flower child, and posters were our wall art way back when. I definitely pick up a poster every time I see a fabulous museum show. This is one I designed in 2007, where I borrowed a figure from Erte: Pretty basic. But I found out a couple of weeks ago that some of the merchants involved in this promotion actually held on to the poster. I riffed on Matisse when I designed this poster, which I've given to a number of couples as a wedding gift: I write the wedding date under "love", and for gay couples, I add the date of the US Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage. This poster features an image of one of my paintings entitled 'Variation on Bourbon Rocks', hence the text: This abstract bourbon design looks really good as a greeting card too. Finally, here's something I've been working on the past few days: It's my t

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