June 2023 newsletter

The TimmonsArt Biz Newsletter (June 2023)   


Out on a Limb
As many of you know, my solo show at KORE Gallery (Louisville) opened on June 1.
I took these shots before the reception on the 3d, which was a blast, by the way. 
My sister Laurie Buchanan provided some amazing dessert bites, and dear friend Hollis Rosenstein was at the piano with her inimitable style. Many thanks to gallerist Don Cartwright for a perfect evening.

I now have a Shopify store, where you’ll find the items on my website’s ‘The Paper Page.’ Link is here: https://linktr.ee/valerietimmonsart.

I have created two new Flower Head Ladies: on the left is Black Hellebore Head, and on the right is White Rose Head (winter). For those of you unfamiliar with this series, they are digital collages. Some of them can be seen here: FLOWER HEAD LADIES – TIMMONS ART

Here are some recent today in the garden shots, in case you don't follow me on Instagram -

A belated Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! Our weather here in Kentucky has been cool so far, for late spring and early summer, and I'd be okay with it staying that way. My dogs don't get nearly as grouchy. (Neither do I, truth be told.)


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