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May 2024 newsletter

  The TimmonsArt Biz Newsletter (May 2024) My Upcoming Solo Show I decided on the subject matter for Cincinnati show in October. Horses! Yes, it's been done, but not my way. I've completed a couple of large black and white pieces . . .  Majestic   oil on canvas, 36x36" Snow   oil on canvas, 36x36"   . . . but most of the rest will be color, and a couple of them are underway. 'Audition' Painting for a Gallery in Santa Fe Once a year, I get the urge to submit a portfolio, usually digital these days, to galleries across the country. This time, I got a nibble! The gallerist who contacted me is only interested in horses - large canvases, e.g., nothing smaller than 48x48". I'm happy to oblige, but forgot I had no way to get a canvas that large from the art supply store to my home. Fortunately, my favorite store in Louisville, Preston Arts Center (huge kudos to them), delivers! Here's the result . . .  Tempest   oil on canvas, 48x48" Now all I have

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