August 2023 newsletter

The TimmonsArt Biz Newsletter (August 2023)

What a strange summer, where my critters are concerned. We've had hardly any butterflies - I don't know whether to blame our very wet spring and early summer or pesticides or both. But a few lovelies have hung around long enough for me to photograph them:

Giant Swallowtail

Current Shows
I took Birches in Autumn No. 1 to Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago for a group abstract show. I don't have any pictures of it on the exhibition wall yet, so here's a place holder:

It was a part of my solo show in June. I'm glad it gets another chance to shine.

Black Hellebore Head and White Rose Head - winter, digital collages, were both juried into the Black & White Show at KORE Gallery in Louisville. Each print measures 14x14", and I used white mats and white frames on both. They're stunning, if I do say so myself. I'll try to get photos of them on the wall at KORE. Opening reception is September 9.

Just Completed
This is the first in a new series I'm doing as a tribute to Henri Matisse. I've learned so much from studying his work, especially when it comes to color. The series is called 'Matisse, Abstracted,' and this is my version (oil on canvas, 20x16") of his painting, Woman with a Hat, his original on the right.


A marketing idea I've implemented is offering what I call a "mini print" of any piece I'm featuring in my Instagram feed. Most of them are at least five inches in the smallest dimension, and they can be purchased alone for $5/ea or signed and framed. Here's what the mini print of Woman with a Hat looks like framed:

I'm on a white frame/white mat kick. It shows off prints quite beautifully.

And this is the first of another new group of paintings called 'The Humanoid Series.' It's called Green Humanoid (oil on canvas, 36x36"):

Something about this image, and the three additional ones I have planned so far, appealed to the science fiction fan in me. Live long and prosper.

Enjoy the end of summer! My husband's fall semester has already begun, so the leaves will soon be turning. I love autumn.


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