March 2024 newsletter

The TimmonsArt Biz Newsletter (March 2024)

New Solo Show!
I'm very excited to announce that I will be having a solo show at ADC Fine Art in Cincinnati this October. The opening is on the 11th, so if you're in the Cincy area, please come see me! I haven't yet decided which series I'm going to exhibit - I don't have a lot of completed work on hand at the moment, so whatever it is will be mostly new stuff.

New Artistic Affiliation
As of last month, I'm an oovra artist and am working with a marvelous assistant (though she's so much more than that) who's helping me with marketing, exposure and all kinds of needed advice and suggestions. She's also pushing me artistically, and I'm taking some chances I probably wouldn't have without her steady guidance. Stay tuned!

Newly Completed Work
I recently finished another painting in my Matisse, Abstracted series. It's called 'The Piano Lesson', and the original is my favorite of Matisse's paintings. Here's my version and his . . .

The Piano Lesson  oil on canvas, 48x36"

I'm still really pumped about this series and have a lot more images to work from.

Here's a small canvas I thought turned out almost good enough to eat . . . it's on the wall at KORE Gallery in Louisville:

Variation on a Chocolate Cupcake  oil on canvas, 12x12"

I'm working on a stack of pink iced donuts at present. This is the way I indulge my craving for sweets.

Welcome spring!


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